In celebration of St Teresa of Calcutta (our Trust patron), the children from Reception to Year 6 worked with a local artist to produce some amazing artwork based on her and her words.

In celebration of Black History Month, a number of children took part in an art project titled “Proud to Be”.

The children used the Marcus Rashford mural as inspiration and surrounded it with messages of determination and resilience.

Our Year 4 children – as part of their Pantomime unit looked at what happens behind the scenes to put together a performance.  The children then looked at designing a set for the performance of a fairy tale.

Art and design intent statement

At Alice Ingham RC Primary School, our aim is to support the development of a broad and rich art education for all children, which sets challenges, engages, inspires and equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.

Our  art curriculum will focus on the children’s understanding and knowledge of famous artists, a development of skills and look at how art has shaped our history and faith and contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. Each class will study an artist for a term, so that they grow in the knowledge of a range of artists.

We have a focused Arts week and have worked with a resident artist to further enhance the children’s experience of Art and Design.

Year 1

Autumn – Mark Making

Spring – Colour Creations

Summer – Self Portrait

Year 2

Autumn – Yayoi Kasuma

Spring – Earth Art

Summer – Henry Rousseau

Year 3

Autumn – William Morris

Spring – Famous Buildings

Summer – Seurat and Pointillism

Year 4

Autumn – Plant Art

Spring – Sonia Delauney

Summer – Recycled Art

Year 5

Autumn – Chinese Art

Spring – Freda Kahlo

Summer – Street Art

Year 6

Autumn -Landscape Art

Spring – Sculpting Vases

Summer – Express Yourself